| Videos

In this section, we are going to handle two of the main video platforms that currently exist on the Internet: YouTube, of course, and also Vimeo. Both platforms are perfectly valid for promoting products and services via video.

| Personalizing the Channels

With the objective of providing the corporate image of the Company or delegation on YouTube or Vimeo, it is important that we personalize the profiles on these networks. Specifically, in the case of YouTube we recommend that the following content be adequately supported:

| Username and URL of the channel: The URL of the YouTube channel is set when registering a Google profile (the one that covers all Google products). Therefore, when registrations are made to get any product from Google, the name will already be taken into account because it will appear in the URL of the YouTube channel.

| Google Profile Name:  ULMA Architectural
| Is translated in the URL:   www.youtube.com/user/ULMAArchitectural

We chose the username in the process of creating the Google account that is going to give us access to the YouTube channel. Currently, it is only possible to create a YouTube channel through a Google account.

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-29 a la(s) 5.09.05 PM

Once the Google account is created, if we access our YouTube channel, we can choose the username for our corporate channel. We must understand that, once this username is chosen, we cannot change it. The URL of our channel will include the username that we have just configured:

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-29 a la(s) 5.16.33 PM

| Channel title: The YouTube channel title must be associated with ULMA Companies or their products. If the word ULMA is written in the title, it must be written in upper case.

ULMA Architectural Solutions   YouTube

| Channel Photo, with the logo of the Company or delegation. DOWNLOAD (youtube/vimeo logo)
logoyoutube| Website address for the Company or delegation.
| Information about the Company or delegation.
| Address of the profiles on other social networks.

Almost all of these options are provided from the “Account Configuration” page, accessible from the channel with our open session:

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 10.07.34 AM

To include links to corporate websites, we must go to the channel page, and click the “Edit” option next to the information section:

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 10.08.33 AM

Additionally, playback lists of our videos can be created on YouTube that are coherent with our Companies’ product lines. For example, ULMA Packaging shows 4 product lines on the homepage: fresh food packaging, food packaging, medical packaging, non-food packaging. Four playback lists may be created on your YouTube channel, showing each list of videos related to the product line, which may improve access to the video users.

In the case of profiles on Vimeo, we recommend personalizing them with the following information:

| Account name, which will be the name of the Company or delegation.
| Profile picture, with the logo of the Company or delegation.
| Biography, with a description of the Company or delegation.
| Location.
| The Vimeo URL should be an easily recognizable username, and if available, should coincide with the username that the Company or delegation uses on other social networks on which they have an account.
| Website addresses of the Company or delegation.

The Account Name may be configured in the “Account” section within the Vimeo configuration:

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 10.10.13 AM

The rest of the fields must be provided from the profile tab of the configuration section:

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 10.11.17 AM

| Recommendations for Content

| Titles, descriptions and labels for the videos

When we work with videos and with multimedia content in general, it is very important that we accompany this material with texts showing its content. Search engines do not have the capacity to see our videos, so it is up to us to provide information to them in order for the videos to be properly linked.

Both on YouTube and on Vimeo it is very important to appropriately describe each video on our channel for the following fields:

| Title
| Description
| Tags

It is recommended to insert keywords that are important to our Companies that relate to the content of the video in all fields, but especially in the title. As an example, here we show a video from ULMA Architectural Solutions titled “VENTILATED FACADE Assembly”. As can be seen in the image, the keywords “ventilated facade assembly” are present both in the title and in the video description on YouTube. They should also appear on the video labels that are not visible to users but are visible to search engines.

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 10.13.21 AM

As a result, if a YouTube search for “ventilated facade assembly” is made, the video appears in the results, positioned among the first hits:

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 10.14.35 AM

In addition, if the video gets enough playbacks, it may also appear in the Google search results, which may be important when promoting products and services. In order to select good video titles, we recommend thinking of how our potential clients may search for products and/or services that we are trying to promote.

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 10.15.48 AM

| Audio within the videos

If we want to incorporate audio into our videos, we should remember that audio within the videos must respect the rights of the author. If YouTube detects any infraction, it will block the video and the visitors will see a message alerting them about the video being blocked. This action harms the brand image. For more information, we recommend consulting the YouTube Copyright Center.

Youtube block

Our recommendations for incorporating audio into the video are:

| Obtain the audio rights in question in order for us to be able to use it in our videos, or rather
| Download music free of authorship rights, that we can use freely. There are various sites where we can access this type of music, Jamendo is one of them.


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