| Setup procedure online and on social networks

| Before registering, be aware

That it is necessary to regulate a procedure when implementing this Style Manual. This procedure is based on communication between affiliates/delegations, Companies and Group.

Grupo ULMA - Guía de estilo para la presencia en Internet (1)

| The affiliate or delegation that requests registration in any of the distinctive platforms that are mentioned throughout this guide shall have to report it to the Department of Communication and Marketing of their Company.

| The Company shall be in charge of reporting to the affiliate the existence of this Manual and the need to apply it. Therefore, the Companies shall coordinate applying this guide in the different profiles of their affiliates and delegations.

| In the case of registering the Companies, the Group shall be in charge of verifying the application of the Style Manual.

| The Companies shall report any profile registration (affiliates, delegations, …) to the Department of Branding, Communication and R&D of ULMA Group.

This procedure, in addition to allowing you to successfully apply this Style Manual, also grants us a general vision of ULMA’s online presence in order to be able to make future decisions on behalf of the Group.

Grupo ULMA - Guía de estilo para la presencia en Internet

| ULMA always in upper case letters

Before any registration, it is imperative to remember that the term “ULMA,” when referring to our brand, shall always be written in upper case letters  and the name of the  Company in lower case: ULMA Company.

Some examples:

| Correct: ULMA Packaging
| Incorrect: ULMA packaging
| Incorrect: Ulma Packaging


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