Before talking about the Company pages, we are going to make some recommendations about personal profiles on Linkedin.

| Recommendations about Personal Profiles

It is recommended that people from the different Companies of ULMA who have profiles created on Linkedin complete their profiles with relevant information. We recommend that, at a minimum, the following information be provided on personal profiles:

| A good, easily identifiable photo.
| It is important to correctly indicate the company that you work for, in order for Linkedin to link us to the correct company page. Therefore, it is recommended that you accept the correct suggestion proposed by Linkedin when we are adding experience on our profiles.
| Previous companies that you have worked for.
| Education.
| Extract or summary: it is a summary of our trajectory. We recommend that it is written in first person and not too long, with 2 or 3 paragraphs being sufficient.

| Participation in groups

Participating in Linkedin groups is a personal decision, not with the company identity. Groups are a good opportunity to present ourselves as top professionals, and additionally to try and generate activity for the company. From each Company or delegation, if it is considered necessary, it may be recommended to perform a search for interesting groups to interact with in order to gain visibility. Interesting groups:

| Have many members
| Are active groups, with debates and commentary

The information about group activity (debates and commentary) can be seen in the group statistics, which are visible even if we are not members. As an example, we will show statistics from a closed group, to which access to debates is only granted if we are accepted as a member. Therefore, statistics are always visible, even when we are not members of the group:

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 10.02.56 AM

Though our recommendation is to interact in groups that already exist, another option is creating a group from the Companies or delegations of ULMA. To do so, is is very important to have a clear group objective for creating such a group. A group may be created on Linkedin as an additional tool for giving support or technical assistance to our clients, for example.

| ¿What are Company Pages on Linkedin?

Company Pages are the perfect place for companies on Linkedin. In no case should a personal profile be created with the corporate name of our Company or delegation, it is not permitted under the Terms of Service for this social network. Company Pages are public, and therefore are linked by search engines. In addition, Company Pages have followers, not contacts, who can see the company activity from the homepage or by going directly to the Company Page. People on Linkedin become followers of Company Pages without the Page Administrator intervening.

| Creating the page

Linkedin automatically creates Company Pages through different company appearances on the personal profiles. Therefore, before creating a page for a Company or delegation, it is recommended to make sure the company page already exists through a Linkedin search. If it does not exist, it may be created from the company section (, through the link  “Add a company”:

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 9.19.19 AM

The e-mail address must be a corporate address, and cannot be a Gmail address, for example. The mail address domain should not be associated to another company’s page. Once we have created the company page, we are the administrators for it.

| Page Administration

If the company page already exists and we have administrator privileges, we can see the blue “Edit” button in the upper right part of the company page.

If it does not appear like this, you can become an administrator of the page by following these steps:

| Add and confirm the e-mail address that you use in the company for your Linkedin profile.
| Insert your current position within the company in the Experience section of your profile.

If at this time, you still are not the page administrator, contact one of the current company administrators and ask them to add you as an administrator.

| Personalizing the page

Once we have the privileges necessary to administer the Company Page of our Company or delegation on Linkedin, we recommend a series of interesting content to provide, in addition to the required fields

| The Company logo as a standard logo for the page. The following logo will be used as the  Standard logo. DOWNLOADlinkedin2

| Homepage image . An attractive image about the Company as a quality homepage image. (Building, product, etc.). In the case of the ULMA logo, the following image shall be inserted for homogeneity of the image. DOWNLOAD

| Square logo: Refers to the logo that will appear on the page updates. The following square logo will be used DOWNLOADlinkedin3

| Company specialties: are a list of keywords about what the Company does.
| Notable groups: groups on Linkedin that are related with the Company or the delegation, if they exist.
| Location or locations of the company.

All these options mentioned are in the “Edit” option on the company page. As an example, we show the company page on Linkedin for ULMA Architectural Solutions:
Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 9.24.23 AM

It is highly recommended to configure the “Designated Administrators” field: the people on Linkedin who will have administrative privileges over the company page. In this way, the risk is reduced that any person who meets the administrative requirements of the page can edit it and provide inappropriate content. Also, once the designated administrators have been configured, Linkedin offers us the possibility of writing updates from the company page, on behalf of the company, which will reach the homepage of all followers of the Company Page and will also be visible on the Company Page. As an example, here we show the updates from the ULMA Group Company Page:

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 9.27.34 AM

It is also highly recommended to complete the Products and Services tab with the main products and services that each Company or delegation offers. As an example, here we show the ULMA Group Company Page:

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-28 a la(s) 9.30.10 AM

| Recommendations for Publishing

We recommend publishing with a constant cycle, daily, at least one update per day. With regard to the content, we recommend publishing relevant news about the Company: projects, services, content generated for other platforms (blog, videos, photos…_), news about the sector, etc.


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