| Online Style Manual from ULMA Group

With the debut of the Paradigm 2.0 and the diversity of the Companies within ULMA Group, the presence of ULMA’s online brand began to play a bigger role in our online reputation. After a period of listening to ULMA’s online brand, ULMA Group decided to launch the Digital Style Manual to unify the brand image.

This guide regulates the use of style on social networks for the delegations, affiliates and Companies. Additionally, by means of the recommendations of use, strategic definitions and recommendations, the user of this guide may also acquire certain knowledge.

This guide is not intended to regulate network content, rather the style of the profiles. Nevertheless, numerous recommendations will be mentioned to improve content.

Recommendations made in this guide are directed to the official profiles of the Companies and/or delegations of the ULMA Group. But we would also like to encourage you to visit the sites of the Companies and delegations, where they launch profiles and initiatives on social networks for products, specific campaigns, events, etc., some more formal than others, and may not respect all recommendations given in the guide, distancing themselves to a certain degree from the official corporate image of the Group.

In designing our unified brand image, all Companies are involved. Therefore, it will be necessary to commit to achieving a homogenized online brand.

| Objectives of the Style Manual

| Brand Homogeneization. Design a homogenized online brand image with ULMA´s core values.

| Coherence. ULMA´s image is recognizable on any of their websites, profiles on social network, blogs, etc.

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